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1.1  The Company

ETHIO Infra Engineering Plc (EIE) is a private limited company established in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Law. EIE is completely independent of contractors, manufacturers or suppliers. EIE is established on these bases not to combine the functions of a consultant with those of contractors or suppliers.

The company (EIE) is presently owned and managed by a group of professional engineers and construction management specialists who are all actively engaged in the firm’s activities.

The company is specializing in engineering management consulting, design, contract administration and supervision of road, Railway and similar Infrastructure development projects. ETHIO Infra Engineering plc offers a wide range of civil, structural, environmental and management services through the complete project life cycle of road (transportation), Railway, water and similar infrastructure development projects.

The Company is registered with the Addis Ababa City Administration, Infrastructure and Construction Authority as Highway and Bridge Consultant, Category I and obtained a trade license from the City Administration, Trade and Industry Development Office, in the year 2005. Details are given in section 1.2.

The potential of ETHIO Infra Engineering Plc (EIE) is built on its staff, with extensive professional experience gained while working individually with international, parastatal and local private consulting firms prior to the formation of ETHIO Infra Engineering PLC and currently fully Devoted to the Company (EIE) since its formation.

All the staff being professionals in diverse disciplines and highly dedicated to the promotion of high quality performance and efficiency by their determined believes to satisfy the clients on projects undertaken.

The owners and the management group have extensive experience in the country and established in well-organized manner to offer quality services to the requirements of different clients. Senior staffs of the firm are member of the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers.

The company has acquired the necessary field and office equipment to carry out and deliver the engineering services and its function. The company is well equipped with owned facilities like, computers, scanner, plotter, printers, software and technical documentations & manuals. Details are included in chapter 3.

1.2  Registration

ETHIO Infra Engineering PLC (EIE) is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Infrastructure to work in the area of roads and bridge engineering, planning, design, contract administration, project management and

construction supervision services. EIE has a valid registration for CATEGORY I Highway and Bridge works.

Office Address  of the Company is:
ETHIO Infra Engineering PLC
Address of Soil Laboratory
EIE-Central Laboratory
P.O.Box 14487 Gerji Road
Addis Ababa Ethiopia Woreda 17,Kebele25
Tel +251 11 646 7195 House No-259
Fax +251 11 647 8091 p.o.Box 14487

ETHIO Infra Engineering PLC is registered with the following bodies to render services in the country.

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (Federal)
  • Addis Ababa City Administration Infrastructure and Construction Authority
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Federal Inland Revenue Authority
  • Presently ownership of the company is vested solely in the principals of the company comprising:

Shareholding principals & staff 100%

ETHIO Infra Engineering Mission Statement

The company mission statement is:-

To contribute professional services in the service industry and ultimately to become one of the preferred national consultancy company capable of providing a more healthy, high quality and committed services to the well being of the communities it serves.

The company to accomplish its mission is dedicated to:

  • Creating an organization based in the values of integrity, diligence and faith
  • Evolving with time to meet the challenge of the future
  • Fostering progress by investing in people


ETHIO Infra Engineering Plc potential is built on its staff, dedicated professionals who are key staff and have high desire to promote, clients and stakeholders who have given the company the chance to develop in the industry and to become one of the strongest and largest local consultancy firm in the country.

1.3  Major Fields of activities of ETHIO Infra Engineering Plc (EIE)

Roads and bridges have been the major filed of activity since the formation of the company. Over short period of time, ETHIO Infra Engineering has provided a design and supervision services on road projects to various clients. Some of the representative projects are listed in chapter three.

The major fields of activities EIE engages are:-

1.3.1  Infrastructure and Transportation

The main activities we can offer in this area are: a)    Pre-feasibility and feasibility study;

  1. Detailed Engineering design and design review of roads;
  2. Construction supervision of projects;
  3. Construction management;
  4. Contract administration;
  5. Road maintenance management
  6. Surveying

In very short time the company is planning to offer services in the areas of soil and geotechnical Laboratory, Water Sector, Sanitation and Environmental. The services will be given on:-

1.3.2 Water and Environment

The main activities in this area are:

  1. Drainage study;
  2. Hydraulic Engineering;
  3. Hydrology;
  4. Water Supply;
  5. Sewerage and sanitation;
  6. Wastewater treatment and solid waste management

 1.3.3 Service Provided

The professionals of the company were engaged and provided advice to many similar companies in the industry in the preparation of a complete design of projects and subsequent supervision of its implementation.

The services  that EIE provides are categorized as follows:-

– Detailed engineering design and/or design review roads and tender document   preparation

Construction supervision

Feasibility studies and preliminary design


Project Monitoring

Bid Analysis

Proposal Evaluation and

Reconnaissance Studies, Surveys and Investigations